Faith Lynch

About Me

Hi, I am Faith Lynch. I am 17 years old and I am a senior at Western High School in Barry. I enjoy playing softball, hanging out with friends and family. At school I am also involved in FBLA where I am the reporter. After high school I plan on majoring in Elementary Education and I am still undecided on where I would like to go. I joined the CEO program to get a better understanding on how different people run their businesses and to get better at my communication skills. 






DISC Characteristics

  • You prefer an environment with specialty work, or work that requires technical mastery. • You may sometimes hesitate to share opinions on divisive topics with the team. • You appreciate being thorough and complete in the analysis of all variables before making a decision. • Unless completely wrong, you prefer to support decisions made by others rather than argue or disagree. • You may defer to others who exhibit a stronger opinion or are more vocal. • You may be prone to avoiding difficult decisions, and this can create delays.
  • • For really important tasks, you may prefer to work alone without too much involvement from others. • You can easily interact with others. • Make sure to encourage others in a more vocal or open way. • You like a balance of working alone and working with a team. • You tend to be slightly more reflective than talkative. • You are able to persuade others in a convincing manner when necessary.
  • • You like having a strong identification or connection with the group, organization, or mission. • You are always seen as cool, calm, and collected on the outside (whether that is true on the inside or not). • You possess excellent listening skills – some of the best. • You are very loyal when it comes to existing operating procedures. • You possess an amazing ability to calm those people who are upset. • Even in the midst of chaos or high tensions, you are usually very cool, calm, and serene (or at least you are perceived as such on the outside).
  • • You can be seen as something of a perfectionist by others, especially in what you expect of yourself. • "Rules are made to be followed." • You possess excellent critical thinking and problem-solving ability. • You have a strong preference for adhering to established rules, regulations and protocols that have been proven to work. • You like things to be done the "right" way according to standard operating procedure. • When you present your argument you do so logically not emotionally.