Emma Henderson

About Me

Hello! I’m Emma Henderson, and I’m a senior at Pleasant Hill High School. I participate in softball, scholastic bowl, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and different church events for Belleview Community Church in Belleview Hollow, IL. After graduation, I plan on attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA to acquire a degree in Criminal Psychology. I decided to join the CEO program to better understand what it takes to run a business in a small town, and to further advance my soft skills.






DISC Characteristics

  • You prefer to withhold your decision until you have enough information. • You can be considered "quiet" in team settings or when in the midst of heated debates. • You tend to be peaceful and avoid confrontation whenever possible. • You only want to make important decisions with a great deal of detail and awareness of outcomes and impact. • When it comes to solving problems you prefer to analyze the problem and evaluate potential solutions before jumping to conclusions. • You like to take a more mild-mannered and measured hand in dealing with others.
  • • You most likely enjoy helping others as coach, counselor, or teacher. • Generally speaking, people find you warm, open and excellent at interacting with others. • You are very optimistic. • You can at times be too impulsive in making decisions. • You really like meeting new people and easily interact. No one is a stranger. • You suffer from a fair amount of procrastination when it comes to tasks that require you to work with too many details all by yourself.
  • • You're always willing to help out in a pressure situation, even if you don't really want to. • You are very loyal when it comes to existing operating procedures. • You dislike any personal conflicts or hostility of any kind. • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance significantly. • You desire a high level of structure and order. • You possess an amazing ability to calm those people who are upset.
  • You think it is important to adhere to specific and detailed instructions or procedures. • When you disagree, you may express your resistance in a passive-aggressive manner. • You believe in maintaining high standards of quality control. • You like to work in an environment that is very precise and more structured. • You are very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail. • You are excellent at gathering detailed information and examples.