Emily Depke

About Me

Hello, my name is Emily Depke. I’m currently a senior at Western High School and am involved in band, scholastic bowl, National Honor Society, student council, FBLA, and Pike Soccer. Outside of school I enjoy practicing the flute, hanging out with friends, and writing. After high school, I plan to obtain a degree in biomedical engineering from a four year university. I joined the CEO program to gain business leadership skills and to improve my interpersonal communication.






DISC Characteristics

  • You appreciate being thorough and complete in the analysis of all variables before making a decision. • You might be hesitant to make important decisions quickly under time pressure. • When you lead, you tend to do so by doing, not by delegating. • You may sometimes hesitate to share opinions on divisive topics with the team. • You like to carefully weigh the pros and cons on important issues before forming an opinion. • You may be somewhat conservative in decision-making on important issues.
  • People may find you charming to meet and to converse with on a variety of topics. • You may sometimes promise a bit more than you can deliver because of your natural optimism. • You prefer working in a social environment rather than one that is remote or isolated. • You prefer an environment with ample people contact. • You tend to meet new people in a confident and appropriate manner. • You can be an effective coach or counselor for others
  • • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance significantly. • You can be quite resistant to change. • You are very predictable, in a good way. You're always there, ready to pitch in, and complete the assignment. • You are always seen as cool, calm, and collected on the outside (whether that is true on the inside or not). • You are very patient in working with a wide variety of people. • You possess excellent listening skills – some of the best.
  • You are very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail. • You like to use a lot of detail when explaining processes and tasks to others. • You are excellent at gathering detailed information and examples. • You like to work in an environment that is very precise and more structured. • You are somewhat restrained in expressing emotions. • You believe in maintaining high standards of quality control.