Holden Dunham

About Me

Hello, I am Holden Dunham. I am a senior at Griggsville- Perry High School. I enjoy playing baseball, fishing, hunting, and hanging out with my friends. After graduating High School, I plan on going to John Wood for two years then transferring to a four year college. My field of study is undecided. The main reason I joined CEO is to improve my soft skills. I would like to also learn about how the local businesses run.






DISC Characteristics

  • You tend to be peaceful and avoid confrontation whenever possible. • You only want to make important decisions with a great deal of detail and awareness of outcomes and impact. • You are considered pretty modest in your approach with others and are open to deferring to stronger opinions when they exist. • You like taking a slower, more methodical approach to making decisions. • You can be considered "quiet" in team settings or when in the midst of heated debates. • You like working in a stable, predictable environment with steady work flow
  • You express or talk about your emotions openly on the up-side or down-side. • You enjoy opportunities to motivate others. • You can be extremely persuasive. • You are gregarious and outgoing with most everyone you meet. • You tend to not be very organized or attentive to details at all. • You really like meeting new people and easily interact. No one is a stranger
  • You can be an excellent calming influence on people who are upset. • You always demonstrate a high degree of follow-through. • You are typically very cool, calm, and collected on the job. • You blend well with others and get along with a wide variety of others. • You bring a high sense of loyalty to the rules and regulations that govern projects, people, and processes. • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance in many instances.
  • You like to use a lot of detail when explaining processes and tasks to others. • You can be skeptical of brand new ideas or fads until they are sufficiently proven. • You prefer a neat and clean work environment. • You like to work in an environment that is very precise and more structured. • You desire a great deal of explanation before beginning new tasks. • When you disagree, you may express your resistance in a passive-aggressive manner.