Brad Kruzan






DISC Characteristics

  • You are usually very supportive of decisions made by others on the team. • You prefer a culture that allows ample time for analysis of new ideas before implementation takes place. • You are quite self-critical of yourself and demand a lot out of yourself. • You think it is important to have some time to evaluate options before acting. • Sometimes you demand too much of yourself. • You like to think things through before acting.
  • You tend to meet new people in a confident and appropriate manner. • You prefer an environment with ample people contact. • People may find you charming to meet and to converse with on a variety of topics. • You like a flexible environment that allows for creativity. • You present yourself in a poised manner to both small or large groups of people. • You could be a bit more organized and attentive to details.
  • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance significantly. • You are an excellent team player. • You're not great at letting things go (e.g., original decisions, long held beliefs, etc). • You can be quite resistant to change. • You possess an amazing ability to calm those people who are upset. • Even in the midst of chaos or high tensions, you are usually very cool, calm, and serene (or at least you are perceived as such on the outside).
  • You may be perceived as being non-committal by some when it comes to deciding on how to proceed. • You are fine with change when it is clear how it will improve efficiency. • You might be perceived as a bit of a rule-bender by some on the team. • While you appreciate a need for procedures and protocol, you also understand they must be practical and directly support results. • To you, rules are guidelines, not concrete. • You prefer to act as your "own person" rather than follow the norm.