Carlen Harrison

About Me

My name is Carlen Harrison. I am a senior at Western High School. I am a competitive dancer and am also on my school’s cheer team. This year Western got back its FFA program and I am very excited to be a part of the first Western chapter in nine years. I am also an active member of the Western student council as well as yearbook. After I graduate, I plan to get a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology to become a conservation officer. 






DISC Characteristics

  • You may be prone to avoiding difficult decisions, and this can create delays. • When you lead, you tend to do so by doing, not by delegating. • You prefer to lead by setting an example, not outright instructing others. • You tend to be more modest than egocentric in dealing with others. • You like to carefully weigh the pros and cons on important issues before forming an opinion. • You like an environment where authority and responsibility is mutual and shared across all members.
  • • You can be extremely persuasive. • You have a very high trust level for others, but this could actually result in you being "burned." • You are very enthusiastic in working with others. • At times, your desire to express your opinion and interact with others may come across as self-promoting by the quieter people you know. • You really like meeting new people and easily interact. No one is a stranger. • You most likely enjoy helping others as coach, counselor, or teacher.
  • • You can accept change, but you require a good argument for it first. • You don't like rocking the boat unless you absolutely have to. • You think it is important to follow established procedures and processes. • You tend to be a calming influence on those with whom you work. • You believe rules exist for a reason. • You are generally known as steadfast and dependable.
  • You may be perceived as somewhat resistant to change. • You are excellent at gathering detailed information and examples. • You can be skeptical of brand new ideas or fads until they are sufficiently proven. • You believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing correctly the first time. • You are somewhat restrained in expressing emotions. • You think it is important to adhere to specific and detailed instructions or procedures.