Aemilia Aebel

About Me

Hello, I am Aemilia Aebel and I am a senior at Western High School. I have one younger sister, Sabrina. I am co-captain of the Western Varsity Scholastic Bowl team and I play piano and trombone. I plan on attending a four-year university, hopefully Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, to obtain a bachelor’s degree in some field of science. Afterwards, I plan to pursue graduate school to obtain a master’s degree and possibly a PhD in my field of study. I joined CEO to improve my soft skills for networking and interpersonal relations.







DISC Characteristics

  • You are open to deferring to others for decisions when they have voiced a stronger opinion. • You can be very modest in dealing with others. • You are usually very supportive of decisions made by others on the team. • You prefer a work environment that is not too pressured or filled with constant change. • Under high pressure, you may become somewhat indecisive or resistant to making a very quick decision. • You are quite self-critical of yourself and demand a lot out of yourself.
  • • You are able to work well alone and complete tasks with little interaction from others. • You could benefit from being more enthusiastic or interactive with others. • You could benefit from expressing your own opinion more so others understand your position better. • When under pressure you actually prefer to work alone. • You are logical and rational. • You tend to be factual in your approach to business issues
  • • You think it is important to follow established procedures and processes. • You bring a high degree of self-control to work. You steadily move towards the completion of a task. • You can accept change, but you require a good argument for it first. • You believe rules exist for a reason. • You are consistent and predictable over the long haul, even in the midst of change. • You prefer setting minimum levels of consistency and stability or control.
  • You prefer to have the complete picture before beginning with any task or process. • You can be seen as something of a perfectionist by others, especially in what you expect of yourself. • You tend to approach new ideas and directions with skepticism and caution. • You are a bottom-line oriented person who dislikes fluff and just wants the facts and data. • You like a work environment that is precise, structured and orderly. • You have a strong preference for adhering to established rules, regulations and protocols that have been proven to work.