Seth Vincent II

About Me

Hi, I am Aaron Vincent. I am a senior at Western High School. I like playing baseball, basketball, and golf. I also enjoy hunting and fishing. After I graduate, I plan on attending a four year school to pursue a degree in exercise science. I chose to take CEO to enhance my soft skills and learn about the business world.






DISC Characteristics

  • • You prefer to withhold your decision until you have enough information. • You are considered pretty modest in your approach with others and are open to deferring to stronger opinions when they exist. • You tend to be peaceful and avoid confrontation whenever possible. • You avoid confrontations, preferring instead to work with others to resolve issues. • You appreciate and like standardized controls and policies to avoid surprises along the way. • You like specialized assignments or work.
  • • At times, your desire to express your opinion and interact with others may come across as self-promoting by the quieter people you know. • You are very enthusiastic in working with others. • You are very optimistic. • You have a very high trust level for others, but this could actually result in you being "burned." • You are gregarious and outgoing with most everyone you meet. • You can be extremely persuasive.
  • You are generally known as steadfast and dependable. • If insufficient structure and order exist, you will create it. • You prefer setting minimum levels of consistency and stability or control. • You think it is important to follow established procedures and processes. • You can accept change, but you require a good argument for it first. • You bring a high degree of self-control to work. You steadily move towards the completion of a task
  • You possess excellent critical thinking and problem solving ability. • You believe in maintaining high standards of quality control. • When you disagree, you may express your resistance in a passive-aggressive manner. • You like to use a lot of detail when explaining processes and tasks to others. • You may be perceived as somewhat resistant to change. • You like to work in an environment that is very precise and more structured.