Lane Lipcaman

About Me

Hi, my name is Lane Lipcaman. I am a senior at Griggsville Perry High School. I play golf, basketball, and baseball. I also enjoy hunting, fishing and working for Tyler Musgave on his farm. My plan after High School includes attending a four year university to study Agronomy. My reason for joining CEO was to get an idea of how all the different businesses work, and how I can possibly create one myself one day.






DISC Characteristics

  • When under pressure, you can become more of a one-way communicator (from you to others). • You can miss important details because you were too focused on the big picture. • You have no problem accepting the credit or taking the blame for results (e.g., "The buck stops here.") • You are very resourceful and can adapt quickly and easily. • When confronted with dissenting opinions, you can alienate others who don't agree with you. • The higher the stress, the less you are likely to hear and the more you are likely to act or command.
  • Expressing more enthusiasm might help you connect with others more. • While you consider other's emotions, you do not let them fog the bigger issues. • You like a balance of working alone and working with a team. • You sincerely like to support and work with others. • Make sure to encourage others in a more vocal or open way. • You tend to be slightly more reflective than talkative.
  • You can be an excellent calming influence on people who are upset. • You strongly prefer a workplace with a sincere, personal, and agreeable environment with little hostility. • You bring a high sense of loyalty to the rules and regulations that govern projects, people, and processes. • You're a very good team player. • You always present a more relaxed and open approach to your work and how fast you must get it done. • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance in many instances
  • • You might be perceived as a bit of a rule-bender by some on the team. • You are fine with change when it is clear how it will improve efficiency. • You can easily work independently when it comes to completing tasks and assignments. • You are practical and realistic. • To you, rules are guidelines, not concrete. • You are flexible enough to work with or without a lot of structure or order.