Jack Shoemaker






DISC Characteristics

  • • You might be hesitant to make important decisions quickly under time pressure. • You like to carefully weigh the pros and cons on important issues before forming an opinion. • Unless completely wrong, you prefer to support decisions made by others rather than argue or disagree. • You tend to be more modest than egocentric in dealing with others. • You prefer to lead by setting an example, not outright instructing others. • You may sometimes hesitate to share opinions on divisive topics with the team
  • • You suffer from a fair amount of procrastination when it comes to tasks that require you to work with too many details all by yourself. • You are very optimistic. • You enjoy opportunities to motivate others. • You seek freedom of speech and the ability to express ideas and opinions openly. • At times, your desire to express your opinion and interact with others may come across as self-promoting by the quieter people you know. • You can at times be too impulsive in making decisions.
  • You can be an excellent calming influence on people who are upset. • You always demonstrate a high degree of follow-through. • You may be slow to accept changes or let go of the old ways of doing things. • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance in many instances. • You tend to resist confronting or rebelling against the established norm. • You are typically very cool, calm, and collected on the job.
  • You are quite analytical and enjoy a higher level of details and data. • Your approach to brand new ideas and change is one of caution and careful consideration. • You prefer an environment that is precise and detailed. • You like to keep a neat and clean workplace. • You really like to get things done correctly the first time. • Your preference is to adhere to the defined and proven way of doing things