Evan Robinson

About Me

My name is Evan Robinson. I am a 17 years old senior going to Pittsfield High school. I am not involved in any sports so I can focus on working and my school work. I joined the CEO program to gain knowledge on how a business operates. I plan to attend John Wood after high school






DISC Characteristics

  • You prefer to focus on the big-picture and the future, not the details or the past. • You can become critical of others who don't measure up to your standards. • You can miss smaller but important details because you were moving too fast or focused too much on the big picture. • You are likely the one to initiate action before others. • You are always interested in new approaches and new ways of doing things. • You are comfortable pushing the envelope when it comes to what authority you do possess if it gets results
  • You are very introspective, keeping thoughts and emotions to yourself. • You are encouraged to open up a bit more to others and take a stand on important issues. • You can be suspicious of fast and loud-talking people. You need to warm up to them before extending your trust level. • You could bring greater value to the team by weighing in with ideas and opinions more frequently. • You prefer a job culture with a predictable environment and with few sudden shocks and surprises. • Sometimes you may be seen as withdrawn by those who don't know you.
  • • You always demonstrate a high degree of follow-through. • You can be an excellent calming influence on people who are upset. • You tend to resist confronting or rebelling against the established norm. • You're a very good team player. • You may be slow to accept changes or let go of the old ways of doing things. • You are typically very cool, calm, and collected on the job.
  • • You can be seen as something of a perfectionist by others, especially in what you expect of yourself. • You possess excellent critical thinking and problem-solving ability. • You like a work environment that is precise, structured and orderly. • You are most likely seen as being more resistant to change than others. • You are known as an accurate fact-finder by others. • You are very systematic and like to analyze details to accomplish a process correctly.