Alyssa Koeller

About Me

Hi! My name is Alyssa Koeller. I am 18 years old. I am a senior at Western High School. I'm involved in the National Honors Society, Student Council, volleyball, and cheer. After I graduate high school, I plan to attend a 4 year university to get my bachelors degree in Nursing. After that, I plan to go to an Esthetician school. I joined Pike CEO because I want to improve my communication skills and learn what it's like to create my own business.






DISC Characteristics

  • You can miss important details because you were too focused on the big picture. • When confronted with dissenting opinions, you can alienate others who don't agree with you. • You can be a high risk-taker, but usually not too extreme. • You are adventuresome in trying new ideas and innovations. • You have no problem accepting the credit or taking the blame for results (e.g., "The buck stops here.") • The higher the stress, the less you are likely to hear and the more you are likely to act or command.
  • • You can be pretty disorganized and lack great attention to detail. • You tend to be always ready to converse with a group, even with people you've just met. • Sometimes you can express your opinion too much. • You make an effective coach or counselor for others on the team. • You are sociable and outgoing with others. • You bring a definite optimistic attitude to projects and tasks.
  • • You think it is important to follow established procedures and processes. • You prefer to have sufficient clarification of policy or tasks before proceeding, so as to avoid mistakes. • You tend to be a calming influence on those with whom you work. • You don't like rocking the boat unless you absolutely have to. • You can accept change, but you require a good argument for it first. • You believe rules exist for a reason.
  • • You like an environment that provides independence from direct control. • You prefer varied activities, never a dull moment. • When forced to conform or be constrained you will resist and can even become obstinate. • You could become rigid about your desire to do things differently or more quickly. • You are probably perceived by others as a bit of a rule-bender. • You prefer to be encouraged to create and try new ideas and procedures.