Print / Merch

By following the brand guidelines programs will be able to successfully reproduce the logo for print media. This will ensure accurate and consistent branding across all medias.

Don't Do This

Never make or altar a logo file

Never make the logo another color

Never stretch or distort proportions

Never drop shadow or bevel a logo

Never use a logo that is illegible

Never use a logo with lesser contrast



Use or provide the appropriate logo version.

  • CEO Logo - small spaces or where brand is familiar
  • Progrom Logo - local recognition is highest priority
  • Tagline Logo - vision of program is highest priority
  • Tagline + Program -communicates most, requires most space

Use or provide the appropriate file type

  • PDF - large file size, highest quality
  • SVG - medium file size, high quality
  • PNG - small file size, medium quality

Before print/production, give a final "brand check"

  • Brand Elements - logos, colors, fonts, dont's
  • Vendor Tips - partner with someone who can become familiar with the brand
  • Canva - a powerful design toll that makes brand elements quick and easy to use