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John Wood Community College

What is the CEO Program

The CEO Program enables high school students in rural Illinois to become self-reliant, enterprising individuals who will start successful businesses and contribute to the ongoing economic development of their communities.

CEO Program Goals

- Provide opportunities for students to be engaged, curious, and ready to learn
-Provide real-world, real-life experiences for students
- Create a learning environment that takes the the "lid" off of learning
- Connect students with business professionals
- Transform the way young people view the world and their future
- Inspire and encourage young people to return to their communities to live, work, raise families, and start businesses

About the CEO Program

- Is funded by business investors
- Is open to high school seniors
- Select students through a rigorous application process
- Serves students from public and private schools
- Meets for 90 minutes each day
- Provides 2 High School credits
- Utilizes area businesses as classrooms
- Visits dozens of area businesses each year
- Hosts 50-60 guest speakers each year
- Emphasizes 21st century learning skills
- Provides the opportunity for each student to start their own business
- Provides a mentor from the business community for each CEO student
- Hosts an annual trade show to showcase student businesses