Meet the Pike CEO Class of 2019-2020
Gabriel Hodges – Western
Rhiannon Wible – Western
Lyndi Weir – Western
Katie George – Western
Haleigh Conkright – Western
Rilee White – Pleasant Hill
Erin Rezba – Griggsville-Perry
Tyler DeJaynes – Griggsville-Perry
Jennifer Bingham – Griggsville-Perry
Noah Gay – Pittsfield
Noah Petty – Pittsfield
Michelle Taylor – Pittsfield
Drew Welbourne – Pittsfield
William Guthrie – Pittsfield
Garren Lear – Pittsfield
Kayla Merryman – Pittsfield
Finley Petty – Pittsfield
Cody Bradshaw – Pittsfield
Abigail Cox – Pittsfield
Hayden Gresham – Pittsfield

For the fourth quarter of Pike CEO, the class meets at Pike County Farm Bureau when not on business visits. Class meets from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m Monday through Friday.